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a poem a day

an echo, asking a shadow to dance

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a poem some days
Welcome to exceptindreams a poem some days poetry journal.

What is exceptindreams?

Exceptindreams is a curated poem some days journal, so a new poem by a published poet is posted every day or some days, depending on the week. It has been around since 2007 and was originally located on LiveJournal.

Why does exceptindreams exist?

Exceptindreams is intended to catalog poetry I love, to spark and fan the flame of your love for poetry, and to share some of the best works of poetry by some of the best poets around with the goal of education and enlightenment of as many people as possible as to wonders of poetry.

If you like the poems, please share them and spread the poetry love! If you like a particular poet, please support them and go to a reading or purchase one of their books.

Who are you?

A fellow lover of poetry. I go by K.

Where else is exceptindreams on the Internet?

Exceptindreams has a Tumblr, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Twitter! And if you like filling your inbox with lovely poems, you are more than welcome to subscribe to exceptindreams by email. (See the sidebar next to the poems.)

If you have a preferred medium for receiving poetry that is not one of those, please contact me at exceptindreams{at}gmail{dot}com and we’ll figure out how you can also get more poetry in your life.

Where can I read more poems?

If you’re looking for more poetry, check out the original journal with over 1,500 extra poems in the archive. And if those aren’t enough, check out the amazing poetry tumblr rabbit light.

You don’t post enough poetry by women, LGBTQA+, people of color, people with disabilities, people who write in languages other than English, etc. Why is that? Can you fix this please?

Thank you for your concern! This is something I am actively working on. Please help me by giving your feedback and suggestions as to which poets to check out and which poems to read. I am very grateful for any recommendations and suggestions.

What about copyright issues?

This journal is a non-commercial, personal journal to be used for educational and research purposes only. “Fair use” is claimed under U.S. copyright law, sections 107 and 108. No commercial use is permitted without the consent of the copyright holder. Please support poets by purchasing their works, attending their readings, and making poetry part of everyday conversation.

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