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The Failure of Navigation in the Valley | Kazim Ali

“The Failure of Navigation in the Valley"
Kazim Ali

To CD Wright

No body is fixed in position no one can be known

Still I am read by satellites my tendency extrapolated

In the mountains I have no GPS I don’t know where to go

There are those trees their leaves flicker like little jewels a whole bucketful

Darkness stares back are you even human anymore

I close the curtains at night not because I think others will see in

Turn left there but so I do not see the reflection that is pure dark

I am not afraid of anything oh is that so

Citizen bear do this place not belong to you

Unseen I wander through the thorny place of what I no that ain’t it

No fear can be knew can be none fuck how do you spell it

I held a heavy jade pendant in my hand once not in this valley in another

In the range of  limited human experience how many places are there really

I don’t even have to look at the earth anymore I just have to listen

Now that hillbilly whisper guides me which way to turn how far up the turn is

Drawling like moonshine we’re really off the grid now

Making wild prayers to the green dark which kind do you mean

Thank god we thought of  her recording this voice both kinds

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