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1191: So I Run | Will "Da Real One" Bell

"So I Run"
Will "Da Real One" Bell

As I travel backwards through time I search to rescue all my heroes
And I find myself in the underground railroad
Standing side by side with Harriet Tubman
As she decides to go whether go left or right tonight
As the barking dogs approach from the south
I rub the clothes from a thousand slaves on my body
And I hand her a flashlight
And I run

I run til I get to Jackson, Mississippi and it’s June 11 1963
And I ‘m standing in the bushes with this white man in front of me
And so I peak over his shoulders I can see what he sees, so I scream
“look out!”
And from a distant car I can hear the shouts, “you better run, nigger!”
So I run
I run til I get to the spring of 1963
And I’m in Birmingham Alabama
And I’m peeking through a church basement window
4 little girls—4 little worlds
And I notice that I’m standing next to a box
And I can hear the sudden sounds of a tick tock
So I open it up and cut the red wire to the bomb to make it stop
And I can hear them coming from up the block
And they’re screaming: you better run, nigger
So I run
I run til I get to the night of February 21 1965
And I found myself standing backstage at Manhattan’s Autobaugn ballroom
Trying to explain Malcolm that the enemy has sent four of his goons
And I explained that yes,malcom we know change is going to come
But it don’t have to be this soon
So I took a few of Malcolm’s security people and we just cleared the whole motherfucking room
All of the sudden the CIA showed up screaming
You better run, nigger
So I run
I run til I get to April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee
And I’m standing in front of the Loraine motel with Dr Martin Luther King
And shots begin to ring
And I just don’t want to lift every voice and sing
So I scoot back
And I cover Dr. King with my own body
As we hit the floor
Because today it's the only damn Jesus that I'm willing to die for
And I hear the scream across the street again
You better run, nigger
So I run
I run til I find myself standing in the middle of an intersection in Las Vegas and it’s September the 7th in 1996
The day TuPac was being followed by an entourage
And eyewitnesses and everybody claimed not to see it
So I ran alongside the passenger side and pulled tupac out
So sug knight was the only motherfucker to get hit
Then I heard that scream again
You better run, nigger
So I run
I run so fast that in a split second six months had passed
Only for me to arrive back in L.A.
A town enough to push the way for me at last, gun blast
So now lying here, thinking to myself, oh God at last
I ain't got to run no more
I ain't got to be nobody's nigger no more

You can see Will "Da Real One" Bell perform this here.

I am posting this in memory of Will "Da Real One" Bell, slam poet featured on Def Poetry Jam, Canadian WORDLYMPICS World International Poetry Slam Champion of 2004, and Official Sports Poet for CBS news sports channel 4 “Sports Zone”, who was shot to death early Sunday, May 29, 2011 outside of his Miami business, The Literary Cafe and Poetry Lounge.


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May. 30th, 2011 04:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, this is a great poem. ty for posting it, and may he rest in peace.
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