April 1st, 2017

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He Did Love | Anna Akhmatova

“Он любил… ”
Анна Ахматова
Он любил три вещи на свете:
За вечерней пенье, белых павлинов
И стертые карты Америки.
Не любил, когда плачут дети,
Не любил чая с малиной
И женской истерики
…А я была его женой.Translated from the Russian
“He Did Love”
Anna Akhmatova
He did love three things in this world:
Choir chants at vespers, albino peacocks,
And worn, weathered maps of America.
And he did not love children crying,
Or tea served with raspberries,
Or woman’s hysteria.
…And I was his wife.