March 13th, 2017

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excerpt from Gabriel | Edward Hirsch

excerpt from GabrielEdward Hirsch

Mr. Impulsive walked out of class
When he did not like what the teacher said
It was boring  
Mr. Impulsive scurried out in a storm
Wearing shorts and a wife beater
Soon he was shivering  
The neighbors complained to the landlord
Complained to me but Mr. Impulsive
Could not be bothered to close the gate  
Mr. Impulsive left the house without his keys
I don’t know how many times
He camped out on the front stoop  
One night he convinced a neighbor
To shimmy the lock with a credit card
He was never locked out again  
Mr. Impulsive will not be sleeping at home
He’d rather stay out and crash
Wherever he finds himself at five a.m.  
He could be oddly well-mannered
To the parents of his friends
He was usually welcome  
From the notebook of Mr. Impulsive
It is better to sneak through a side door
Than to wait in line like a sucker  
It is not necessary to get directions
It’s much better to head out right now
Time doesn’t matter  
These were the antics of Mr. Impulsive
Who never knew where he was going
Until he got there