March 12th, 2017

poetry, exceptindreams

Eve Recollecting the Garden | Grace Bauer

“Eve Recollecting the Garden”
Grace Bauer

Was it your nakedness
or the knack you had

for naming I learned
to love?  Crow, you whispered

and wings flapped black
as satin in the sky

Bee, and sweetness thickened
on my tongue, Lion

And something roared beneath
the ribs you claimed

you sacrificed.  Our first quarrel
arose about the beast

I thought deserved a nobler tag
Than Dog.  And Orchid–­

a sound more delicate.  Admit it!Dolphin.  Starling.  Antelope

were syllables you stole
from me, and you

were the one who swore
we’d have to taste those blood

red globes of fruit
before we’d find the right word

for that god-forsaken tree.