November 13th, 2008

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338: Psalms on the Evening News

"Psalms on the Evening News"
Marie La Viña

So they say,
God will very soon be packing his bags for another universe.
It was on the news last night, and I allowed myself some nostalgia
When the network played a psalm we used to sing in church as kids,
Before I opened a can of beer and joined the consolable.
Like an invisible rain, I heard the world weeping outside my window.
No one slept. And to the grieving, the ghost appeared
In corners of window panes, a quiet light inside an empty glass.
We asked at dawn, "Is the godless air as good
for the lungs?"

People shouted his name in the streets, and there was no reply.
They fell to their knees. And there was silence.

Brothers, sisters,
your loneliness is dense as the atmosphere, warm as the ultraviolet.
Tell me, insomniacs, the teary-eyed among us: What does God know?
Has he ever worshipped anything?

Is God by its very definition omniscient? Does that omniscience extend to knowledge of the future?
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