September 2nd, 2008

poetry, exceptindreams

283: curiosity

Virginia Tamez

I sometimes wonder
if instinct kicked in
if your feet kicked,
or if you just hung there
and didn't fight it
(because you'd wanted it
for so long)

I sometimes wonder
if your neck broke
or if you suffocated
if you saw spots
or if your eyes were shut
what image played in
your mind those last few
(and how many moments
did it take?)

I sometimes wonder
were you crying
and what were you thinking
(if you were thinking at all)
if you took your glasses off
if you were wearing green
how much air was between
your feet and the ground

if you hoped that someone
would save you in time
what kind of rope you used
if it burned your skin
and would it be so
fucking unreasonable
to burn every rope I find

I sometimes wonder
what I was dreaming about
why I wasn't with you
and if you were mad at me
and if you hate me
and if this will always hurt
so numbingly much.