July 31st, 2008

poetry, exceptindreams

259: Untitled

Virginia Tamez

I'm in ribbons,
laptop warm under my palms and
jeans undone and sunburns hot and
tank top straps are off my shoulders

I'm a child,
admittedly an old and sultry-looking child
and staring at pinwheels of light on the
shadowed popcorn ceiling while I
convince myself that I am not lonely

(I am hard to fool)

I'm distracted,
sinking into night daydreams of running
leaving all the expectations and sick feelings
my watch busily turns 12:09 AM and you still
haven't called and I don't think you will

I'm cardboard,
maybe that's been painted gold or something
and dare I admit that I sometimes wonder about
us and if you can take care of me and if you
would drive to see me if you knew how close I
am to completely losing it

(probably not)